Bee A SCBA Sponsor or Community Partner 
Would you like to be our Sponsor to the Shelby County Beekeepers Association?

A Sponsor for 1 year receives:

  1. Top mentions on our facebook and twitter feeds.
  2. Listed on our website as sponsor.
  3. A space with your logo on outgoing correspondence to our members.
  4. An opportunity to have someone to come speak to your office, group or organization.
  5. Your logo placed on our upcoming calendar.
  6. A jar of our very own Shelby County “local raw honey.”


If you would rather contribute a specified amount below but receive no logo recognition just be listed as a Community Partner.

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We appreciate our SUPPORTERS !


Thank You, We appreciate you our Sponsor! Make checks payable to: Shelby County Beekeepers
Association Indicate on your check “SCBA SPONSOR” Mail to: Shelby County Beekeepers
Association c/o David Karcher, 212 Woodridge Drive, Pelham, AL 35124
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Company Name:  
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Why do you think SCBA Shelby County Beekeepers Association would be beneficial to your company?:
How much knowledge of beekeeping would you say you or your company have?: No, not at all.
Yes, we have or have had someone with beekeeping knowledge.
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